Wed, 24 Aug 2011

2011 Trip to Israel

We spent 11 days in Israel this August. My wife and I hadn't been to Israel for 21 years and our kids had never been.

The trip was a lot of fun. We had a guided tour for part of it, so got to see a lot, including:

Israel is an amazing country. It's very small, but the geography varies dramatically from one part to another, from the Dead Sea over 400m below sea level to Jerusalem perched dramatically in the Judean hills; from the coastal plains of Tel Aviv to the cool mountain heights of Tzfat.

We saw sights like:

A 2000-year-old Roman theatre in Caesaria:

A mine field in the Golan Heights:

The austere grandeur of Metzada:

And the top of Metzada:

Ein Gedi oasis in the middle of the forbidding desert:

Jerusalem from the Mount of Olives:

A cool poster:

And sunset over the Mediterranean at Tel Aviv:


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