Wed, 22 Jul 2015

Discovering x11vnc

Oops! More than two years since my last blog posting!

Yes, I'm probably late to the game and all you people in the know will scoff at me, but I only recently discovered x11vnc.

This is the remote support tool I've been pining for! It lets you attach to an existing X11 display and connect via VNC. So when my mom calls me up for desktop support, I just ssh in, fire up x11vnc, and take control of her desktop. I can walk her through things or just fix the problem for her.

Similarly, at work if someone has desktop problems, I no longer need to get up and go to the machine. I can just access it remotely. That might not be such a good thing, actually... I probably do need to get up and walk around more.

Anyway, if you haven't tried x11vnc, give it a whirl. It's really cool.


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