Mon, 17 Jul 2017

Goodbye, Facebook

I was on Facebook for several years, and quite active over the last couple of years. But I started to notice that I was becoming addicted to checking my Facebook feed. And I couldn't resist being drawn into contentious debates or responding to nonsense. I also found the noise level becoming unbearable.

Then I watched a TEDx talk on quitting social media and it really resonated. Go ahead and take 15 minutes to watch it:

I acknowledged that social media is a net negative in my life. So I got rid of it. Some of my Facebook friends had no other way to get in touch with me, so I put up a post for a couple of days with my email address. But all the people I really care about have my email address and/or phone number anyway.

It's still early and I'm feeling withdrawal symptoms. But I think after a couple of weeks, I'll notice a positive effect on my life. And I won't be a data commodity for Facebook to sell or exploit.


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