Transgender Stuff

This page is (or will evolve into) a grab-bag of transgender-related resources. Quite a few will be local to the Ottawa area.

Basic Information and Definitions

Wikipedia's article on Transgender is an excellent starting point for an overview of what it means to be transgender.

Ottawa Support Group

Gender Mosaic is Canada's oldest transgender social and support group. It's open to all trans-identified people and their allies.

For Parents of Trans Children in Ottawa

CHEO's Gender Identity and Diversity program is available to help families with trans children. Having a supportive family is by far the most important factor in positive outcomes for transgender people. It's even more critical for trans children.

Ottawa Police GLBT Liaison Committee

The GLBT Liaison Committee of the Ottawa Police meets regularly; its meetings are open to the public.


I used to recommend (despite its atrocious name) because it had a lot of excellent content, but I no longer recommend it. The moderators are heavy-handed, arbitrary and petty, and censor with an iron fist. If I can't say something honest on a forum, I'd rather say nothing at all. It's too bad because there are a lot of nice folks on the forum if you stay away from the fetish-y crossdresser portion.


These are some of my favourite Youtube videos that have at least a passing relationship to transgender: