[RP-PPPoE] RP-PPPoE 3.14 is available

Dianne Skoll dianne at skoll.ca
Tue May 26 20:34:04 EDT 2020


I'm pleased to announce the release of RP-PPPoE, version 3.14,
which I suppose should be named RΠ-ΠΠΠoE.

The software may be downloaded from:


and release notes are below.




Changes from version 3.13 to 3.14:

- Release 3.14 (2020-05-26)

- Delete scripts/pppoe-init-turbolinux.in - TurboLinux is defunct.

- pppoe-server: Add -H and -M options for sending HURL and MOTM packets

- Change VERSION macro to RP_VERSION to avoid conflict with pppd macro.

- Apply all of the patches at

  which fix up various compile-time warnings.

- Apply all of the patches at

  which implement the following 6 changes:

- 1. Clarify a couple of comments
- 2. Remove the '@' before the command that installs the plugin, in the Makefile
- 3. Fix a typo in doc/HOW-TO-CONNECT
- 4. Use echo instead of /bin/echo in scripts
- 5. Fix potential snprintf(...) truncation
- 6. Cosmetic fix to copyright printout

- Apply all the patches at
  which implement the following 13 changes:

- 1. Don't exit if we time out waiting for PADO/PADS packets if
  persist option set
- 2. Remove unused variable
- 3. Don't error out if device is not Ethernet if doit is 0 in PPPoEDevnameHook
- 4. Use one 8-bit bitfield and macros for both ver and type in PPPoEPacket
- 5. Remove unnecessary casts from common.c
- 6. Replace strDup() with POSIX strdup(3)
- 7. Extract expiration check into time_left() function
- 8. Suppress false error message on PPPoE disconnect
- 9. Send PADT on PPPoE disconnect
- 10. Various fixes for errors found by coverity static analysis
- 11. Remove all references to cdefs.h
- 12. Eliminate snprintf-related compiler warning in plugin.c
- 13. Make tag parsing loop condition more accurate

Changes from version 3.12 to 3.13:

- Release 3.13 (2018-11-25)

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