[RP-PPPoE] rp-pppoe 4.0-beta1 is released

For users of RP-PPPoE client/server software rp-pppoe at lists.skoll.ca
Sun Apr 16 16:47:18 EDT 2023

On Sun, 16 Apr 2023 22:36:25 +0200
For users of RP-PPPoE client/server software via RP-PPPoE
<rp-pppoe at lists.skoll.ca> wrote:

> I understand that maintaining stuff for OSes that are no longer freely
> available or relevant in practice (say, Solaris) is a fruitless
> endeavour - but it would seem that the major BSDs (FreeBSD,
> DragonflyBSD as a sibling; NetBSD, OpenBSD) are readily available.

The issue is that the PPP project supports only Linux and Solaris
officially.  I have no interest in supporting Solaris, so that just
leaves Linux.

AFAIK, the BSDs have their own PPPoE implementation now (I believe
it's https://mpd.sourceforge.net/), so rp-pppoe is not necessary on
those platforms.  FreeBSD has a server implementation too, I believe, at



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