Buy my Comedy Album: One of Twelve

I have a 9-track, 20-minute EP out called "One of Twelve". You can get it from my store.


My Comedy Shows

I perform comedy; I do standup live, and sketch comedy on TikTok, Instagram and YouTube with a social media presence on Mastodon.

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My YouTube Series

The Trans Canadian

I have a YouTube series called The Trans-Canadian


My second YouTube series is Wikirandomia in which I react completely un-rehearsed to a random Wikipedia article.

A Standup Set Video

Warning: NSFW content / Mature themes

Diversity Hire: An Ensemble Comedy Album

I have five tracks on an ensemble comedy album. You can stream Diversity Hire from all your favourite streaming platforms.

Hire Me!

You can hire me through GigSalad. Or take a look at my resume.


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Random Photos of my Performances

Here are photos of me performing over the years.

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