Free Software Projects

I'm the developer of several free software projects, four of which are hosted here. If you like, you can donate to support my work on free software.

You can browse my public git repos.


Remind is an advanced calendar/reminder program for UNIX and Linux.

Go to the Remind project page.


RP-PPPoE is a PPPoE client, server and relay implementation for Linux.

Go to the RP-PPPoE project page.


Thought is a funny random sentence generator.

Go to the Thought project page.


Perleval is a small command-line calculator written in Perl.

Go to the Perleval project page.


I was the original lead author of MIMEDefang, an email filtering framework in Perl; it integrates with the Sendmail and Postfix MTAs using the Milter protocol.

I have forked the project and it is now called Mailmunge. Head on over to the Mailmunge web site for more info.

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