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new-user: Files erased.  Don't EVER do that again.  Your account is no longer active.

thought: Linda likes a burrowing bag-lunch, because it thrills your famous food.

insult: You uneducated excuse for slimy aardvaark parasites.

st: Boldly!  There's no sentience to control!

new-user: Files erased - core dumped

insult: You pathetic bucket of stinking stable sweepings.

st: Ambition is the essential process of all bravado.

buzzword: Acknowledged Interpretive Eprom

buzzword: Relational Default Flexability

thought: Bob likes my humiliated apparition, because it caresses his pendulous vampire.

st: It's hard to believe that something which is neither insoluble nor interesting
can be so stupid.  And that's what kept the force fields in the saints all
these centuries.

jobtitle: Future Operations Associate

new-user: Bus^%$ Frro^^*.  You shouldn't have done that.  You really screwed up.

st: Anger becomes useless after a point. Computers become logical.

insult: Your uneducated Grampa likes to pole-dance while gazing at an illiterate pot
of bowels.

thought: It is forbidden to create the tricycle "Warren" to avoid the ostentatious

st: Danger has no purpose.  Or exaltation.  But it may have an impulse engine.

new-user: Disk crash.  You don't have privileges to do that.  Your login privileges have
been cancelled.

new-user: Unknown host.  Tape destroyed.  Unable to continue.

thought: Don't breathe, be anatomic!

st: There are Vulcans on the interesting cage!

new-user: Relocation table corrupt.  Segmentation Fault.  Core dumped.

jobtitle: Global Accounts Officer

st: These are the minds of the channel "Enterprise."  Her 5-year mission - to
directly go where no cage has gone before.

buzzword: Optical Transitional Network

buzzword: Acknowledged Pixel Subroutine

buzzword: Enhanced Intelligent Management

st: I believe that is not Yar.  She swapped force fields with Data when we went
through the phaser.

st: These are the women of the tractor beam "Enterprise."  Her 5-year mission - to
merely go where no savage has gone before.

new-user: Relocation table corrupt.  Tape destroyed.  CPU overheated.

new-user: Files erased.  The system administrators take a dim view of such actions.
Your login privileges have been cancelled.

buzzword: Integrated Interpretive Compatability

st: It's hard to believe that something which is neither wrong nor independent can
be so fluid.  And that's what kept the force fields in the shuttles all these

jobtitle: Internal Paradigm Developer

insult: Your hallucinating uncle likes to watch animals mating while watching an awful
truck-load of waste.

st: It's hard to believe that something which is neither insensitive nor disloyal
can be so wrong.  And that's what kept the computers in the saints all these

insult: You bizarre bunch of smelly garbage.

thought: Arthur is so ignorant that Sally wants to skate.

buzzword: Integrated Intelligent Subroutine

st: Independent.  It's not violence as we know it, Jim.

jobtitle: Product Paradigm Coordinator

jobtitle: Senior Factors Architect

buzzword: Parallel Random Management

insult: You indecent excuse for cranky gorilla boogers.

insult: You're too offensive to even qualify as an uncultured wheelbarrow-full of
stable sweepings.

new-user: Tape destroyed.  Don't use this computer until you've read the entire manual
set.  Your login privileges have been cancelled.

insult: You insipid collection of pompous tiger bowels.

insult: You psychotic mountain of hallucinating worm bowels.

insult: You sickening excuse for stinking harp seal fodder.

new-user: Error: a.out exec incorrect format.  Tape destroyed.  CPU overheated.

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