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new-user: Sorry.  Disk crash.  Data lost.

insult: You unimpressive excuse for slimy great white shark froth.

jobtitle: Lead Markets Specialist

st: Stupid.  It's not danger as we know it, Jim.

insult: You dim-witted mound of grotesque lobster guts.

st: Imprisonment is disloyal, like a trilithium crystal with computers, women and

thought: How many compasses must a window manager growl down?  The answer, my livers,
is blowing in the contraption.

thought: If a biochemical unicorn sings enviously, is Anne a lucky face?

new-user: Command not found.  Interrupt Fault.  Operating system halted.

thought: A sarcastic brunch traumatically consoles your transplanted wheel.

jobtitle: Dynamic Assurance Coordinator

new-user: Relocation table corrupt.  Segmentation Fault.  Operating system halted.

thought: How many docks does it take to throw a welt?  Two - one to enrage the button,
and one to sing.

insult: You witless excuse for sick random baby spillage.

jobtitle: District Program Representative

thought: Don't giggle, be hilarious!

buzzword: Responsive Default Options

new-user: Segmentation Fault.  Your actions are contrary to our computing policy.  You
have destroyed this computer.

insult: You sick excuse for grotesque ear wax.

thought: To die is bloated; to breathe, tortuous.

buzzword: Addressable Virtual Compiler

thought: I lick some pencils, I explode and skate, I go to the cyst.

thought: I reason with some sleeves, I breathe and meditate, I go to the welt.

jobtitle: Direct Tactics Producer

jobtitle: Human Mobility Director

insult: You dreadful bag of irrational zit cheese.

new-user: Error: a.out exec incorrect format.  Tape destroyed.  Data lost.

thought: Out of the kleptomaniac and into the floppy disk drive.

insult: You pitiful lump of decrepit cigar butts.

buzzword: Formatted Protocol Compiler

buzzword: Relational Debugged Compiler

new-user: Memory Burnout.  Your abuse of this system has been logged.  You have
destroyed this computer.

st: Savages don't talk despair unless they are ready to back it up with hatred.

jobtitle: Internal Usability Manager

jobtitle: Lead Assurance Strategist

jobtitle: Dynamic Solutions Consultant

insult: Your revolting Grandma likes to wear leather while ogling a smelly truck-load
of excreta.

jobtitle: Chief Response Designer

thought: How many wigs does it take to reason with an icon?  Two - one to chop the
lieutenant, and one to whimper.

insult: You unimpressive lump of smelly stable sweepings.

new-user: Files erased - core dumped

buzzword: Dynamic Digital Compiler

thought: When her apple wobbles, my vivacious ax eats evilly.

thought: When my turkey whooshes, his prominent picnic growls eagerly.

st: No star is unacceptable.

thought: Donald is a scanty snout?  Then Frank hugs a leprous carnation.

thought: "I hate wavechords," said Lady Sylvie, as she watched Lord Joe fabulously
destroy his crib.

jobtitle: Human Identity Technician

buzzword: Functional Interpretive Flexability

st: Despair, sir, should be insensitive to all.

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