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st: Red alert, Mr. Kirk.  And waste the women.

new-user: Illegal instruction.  Bus^%$ Frro^^*.  Unable to continue.

st: These are the races of the child "Enterprise."  Her 5-year mission - to
eagerly go where no shield has gone before.

st: I believe that is not Yar.  She swapped computers with Kirk when we went
through the savage.

st: Red alert, Mr. LaForge.  And fill the phasers.

new-user: Interrupt Fault.  We are monitoring your files for signs of sabotage.  Your
account is no longer active.

insult: You smelly excuse for revolting cow pies.

buzzword: User-friendly Floppy Options

thought: Those jellied, translucent, suspicious turkeys of summer!

st: Without cabins, killing cannot kill.

buzzword: Synchronous Memory Options

new-user: Memory Burnout - core dumped

new-user: Bus^%$ Frro^^*.  You don't have privileges to do that.  All files have been

jobtitle: Central Program Producer

buzzword: Ergonomic Digital Device

insult: You uncultured clump of dim-witted cow pies.

jobtitle: Internal Mobility Facilitator

new-user: Unknown host.  Bus^%$ Frro^^*.  Core dumped.

thought: Two trees are better than one.  But many potions spoil the pencil.  And a
rolling component gathers no sauce.

thought: Mandy is as dysfunctional as a squirrel.

jobtitle: Product Functionality Facilitator

insult: You insipid excuse for dreadful hippopotamus guts.

jobtitle: District Intranet Coordinator

jobtitle: Chief Applications Supervisor

insult: You slimy excuse for repulsive nasal hairs.

jobtitle: Customer Data Consultant

insult: You bad excuse for dim-witted eel innards.

new-user: Bus^%$ Frro^^*.  We are monitoring your files for signs of sabotage.  You have
destroyed this computer.

insult: You hallucinating load of pompous blue whale waste.

thought: "Yes, yes, yes!" gasped Cindy.  "Lick my bomb again!"

thought: Douglas!  I told you not to split Jenny's twaddle!  Now you must belittle her
to make up for your long-playing behaviour.

jobtitle: Investor Division Liason

insult: You awful excuse for uneducated nose pickings.

st: Imprisonment is alien, fluid!

jobtitle: Legacy Intranet Director

new-user: Unknown host.  Disk crash.  Core dumped.

jobtitle: Product Optimization Developer

jobtitle: Global Applications Facilitator

thought: If the vivid pencil flops sadly, is Cindy an esoteric mountain?

buzzword: Batched Vertical Hardware

new-user: Tape destroyed.  You don't have privileges to do that.  Your e-mail privileges
have been revoked.

jobtitle: Customer Brand Technician

buzzword: Functional Digital Device

st: Love is the essential process of all slavery.

jobtitle: Senior Factors Orchestrator

buzzword: Parallel Intelligent Duplex

new-user: Illegal instruction.  Bus^%$ Frro^^*.  Core dumped.

thought: Out of the surprise and into the megalomaniac.

st: Power is disloyal, like a sensor with cages, channels and slavery.

new-user: Illegal instruction.  Bus^%$ Frro^^*.  Data lost.

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