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new-user: Relocation table corrupt.  Interrupt Fault.  Data lost.

jobtitle: Product Quality Technician

thought: Our piteous potion contemplates pendulously.

buzzword: Enhanced Analog Subroutine

new-user: Bus^%$ Frro^^* - core dumped

insult: You hallucinating load of awful random baby spillage.

thought: To fart is flammable; to moan, sacrilegious.

jobtitle: National Directives Supervisor

jobtitle: Legacy Intranet Facilitator

st: Without children, suffering cannot happen.

jobtitle: Legacy Paradigm Planner

thought: I was walking down the piano, minding my own xylophone, when I saw a wavechord
triumph precariously.  I was anarchic, of course!

jobtitle: Customer Optimization Director

new-user: Error: a.out exec incorrect format.  Disk crash.  Data lost.

st: Peace becomes superior after a point. Computers become self-made.

st: Even scientists fail to learn from danger; they repeat the same shuttles.

insult: You grotesque pile of monotonous worm waste.

thought: We hold this enema to be self-evident - that all pedals are created

insult: You uncultured hill of offensive aardvaark innards.

buzzword: Synchronous Run-time Eprom

st: Imprisonment, sir, should be superior to all.

insult: You dreadful stack of hallucinating cow pies.

jobtitle: Future Integration Executive

insult: You dim-witted pot of hallucinating puke lumps.

st: Superior danger breeds superior reason.

buzzword: Addressable Virtual Network

new-user: Error: a.out exec incorrect format.  Disk crash.  Core dumped.

new-user: Interrupt Fault.  Your actions are contrary to our computing policy.  Your
disk quota has been reduced to 200 KB.

new-user: Disk crash - core lost

st: We come on a mission of danger.

jobtitle: Future Group Technician

insult: You crooked sack of awful whale guts.

new-user: Memory Burnout - data lost

buzzword: Batched Debugged Parameters

insult: Your uneducated Mama likes to eat porno magazines while being mesmerized by a
sick pot of innards.

new-user: Bus^%$ Frro^^* - core lost

jobtitle: Corporate Intranet Architect

insult: You pompous bunch of uneducated zit cheese.

buzzword: Integrated Memory Options

thought: Jeff flops, Kathy growls, and they're both simplistic.

new-user: Unable to reach network.  Files erased.  Data lost.

jobtitle: Central Operations Specialist

insult: You smelly stack of illiterate pigeon bombs.

jobtitle: Chief Functionality Strategist

jobtitle: Principal Configuration Architect

insult: You dim-witted lump of sick aardvaark barf.

thought: Two flossbags are better than one.  But many gongs spoil the xylophone.  And a
rolling organ gathers no mountain.

jobtitle: Customer Response Orchestrator

st: Emotion tends to fail.

insult: Your drivelling nephew likes to seduce fruit-flies while looking at an
offensive bag of kidney stones.

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