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insult: You bad excuse for cranky barf.

st: Exaltation is superior, like a current with rivers, myths and prejudice.

thought: Don't gasp, be quaking!

st: Wrong.  It's not time as we know it, Jim.

jobtitle: Senior Tactics Architect

insult: You hallucinating excuse for laughable hippopotamus waste.

jobtitle: Future Intranet Planner

insult: Your crooked sister likes to seduce fruit-flies while being entranced by a
sickening truck-load of bowels.

thought: A pancake angers me, but I enjoy a tawdry insect with a side order of bees.

jobtitle: Internal Integration Developer

st: Even channels fail to learn from violence; they repeat the same Tribbles.

insult: You crooked excuse for awful clam parasites.

st: There are Klingons on the ineffective cabin!

jobtitle: Legacy Program Planner

jobtitle: Product Creative Executive

st: Set your men on stun!  I don't want any hatred.

buzzword: Parallel Virtual Compatability

new-user: Bus^%$ Frro^^*.  Please contact your system administrator at once.  All files
have been erased.

new-user: Sorry.  Files erased.  CPU overheated.

buzzword: Alphanumeric Interpretive Network

jobtitle: Dynamic Research Analyst

st: Killing is insoluble, self-made!

buzzword: Functional Virtual Language

insult: Your dim-witted uncle likes to seduce fruit-flies while being mesmerized by an
illiterate barrel of parts.

insult: You crude stack of offensive cow pies.

jobtitle: Lead Division Director

thought: We hold this tongue to be self-evident - that all vestibules are created

insult: You're too awful to even qualify as an indecent wheelbarrow-full of pigeon

buzzword: Parallel Virtual Eprom

st: Evil is disloyal, sentient!

thought: Douglas!  I told you not to feel Barabara's twaddle!  Now you must lift her to
make up for your alcoholic behaviour.

jobtitle: Regional Assurance Planner

thought: Steve and Anne went up the blob, to enjoy a pail of parties.

jobtitle: National Assurance Consultant

new-user: No such file.  Bus^%$ Frro^^*.  CPU overheated.

thought: Oh, my, another lip.  They like to bleed everywhere.  It's most angelic.

insult: You insipid bucket of laughable tyrannosaurus rex spittle.

new-user: Unknown host.  Tape destroyed.  Core lost.

thought: Trevor wobbles, Anne exhales, and they're both sympathetic.

st: Machismo is logical, like a current with life forms, crewmen and bravado.

jobtitle: National Implementation Coordinator

jobtitle: Legacy Assurance Technician

buzzword: Alphanumeric Memory Device

thought: If his rancorous contraption triumphs energetically, is Fred a fencing garbage

buzzword: Integrated Buffered Compiler

insult: You illiterate sack of pompous stable sweepings.

jobtitle: Internal Accountability Planner

insult: You sickening mound of drivelling garbage.

st: Reason has no purpose.  Or creativity.  But it may have a brig.

new-user: Bus^%$ Frro^^*.  Don't EVER do that again.  Your account is no longer active.

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