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st: Ability has no purpose.  Or impatience.  But it may have a life form.

new-user: RPC: program not registered.  Files erased.  CPU overheated.

insult: You dreadful mound of stinking worm brains.

new-user: Network down.  Tape destroyed.  Core dumped.

new-user: Disk crash - unable to continue

st: Red alert, Mr. Spock.  And kill the Vulcans.

st: Disgust is the essential process of all power.

buzzword: Parallel Buffered Contingency

st: Impatience is fluid, like a phaser with tractor beams, shields and freedom.

insult: You stinking wheelbarrow-full of illiterate harp seal spite.

new-user: Permission denied.  Files erased.  Data lost.

thought: When her breeze swims, our misdirected viper shivers pleasantly.

thought: If my horn-rimmed ski giggles joyously, is Michael a barometric mound?

jobtitle: Product Optimization Officer

buzzword: Dynamic Digital Capability

st: Disgust becomes unacceptable after a point. Myths become stupid.

thought: Betty is an attractive sleeve?  Then Frank reasons with a gaunt cave.

buzzword: Addressable Logical Capability

thought: Oh, my, another animal.  They like to growl everywhere.  It's most vehement.

jobtitle: Central Assurance Consultant

jobtitle: District Security Director

buzzword: Sectored Virtual Access

new-user: Memory Burnout - unable to continue

insult: You're too witless to even qualify as a repulsive truck-load of ear wax.

st: Superior danger breeds superior ability.

jobtitle: Future Integration Analyst

thought: It is forbidden to mangle the rail "Michael" to avoid the murderous

st: Klingons don't talk impatience unless they are ready to back it up with

insult: You're too drivelling to even qualify as a monotonous truck-load of garbage.

st: Prejudice, sir, should be interesting to all.

jobtitle: Regional Creative Orchestrator

new-user: No such file.  Interrupt Fault.  CPU overheated.

thought: My favorite bums are Albert the Salacious and Nancy the Prosperous.

thought: How many bag-lunches must a wheel swim down?  The answer, my condiments, is
blowing in the potion.

thought: I was walking down the welt, minding my own abalone, when I saw a ring triumph
anxiously.  I was seismic, of course!

st: I believe that is not Troi.  She swapped shields with Worf when we went
through the crisis.

thought: "I hate docks," said Lady Nancy, as she watched Lord Steve joyously mangle his

new-user: Bus^%$ Frro^^* - unable to continue

new-user: Sorry.  Segmentation Fault.  Core lost.

insult: You uneducated excuse for pompous wombat parasites.

insult: You're too stinking to even qualify as a crude crock of barf.

insult: You're too smelly to even qualify as a bad wheelbarrow-full of zit cheese.

st: Without minds, simplicity cannot repeat.

thought: Exhale, choke, and be prehistoric, for tomorrow we whimper.

insult: You crooked excuse for illiterate tiger brains.

insult: You hallucinating lump of repulsive puke lumps.

st: Without photon torpedoes, peace cannot repeat.

thought: I'm a pencil and I'm okay; I regurgitate all night and I float all day.

thought: I was walking down the dandelion, minding my own tricycle, when I saw a bomb
mutate mysteriously.  I was momentous, of course!

buzzword: Optical Memory Network

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