Dianne's Thought for the Day

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thought: Two flakes are better than one.  But many oranges spoil the salmon.  And a
rolling cow gathers no hourglass.

st: Anger tends to live.

new-user: File not found.  Memory Burnout.  Unable to continue.

thought: Victor mutates, Veronica growls, and they're both hobnobbing.

st: Life forms don't talk slavery unless they are ready to back it up with danger.

thought: I'm a bear and I'm okay; I gasp all night and I expire all day.

buzzword: Responsive Floppy Hardware

insult: You dreadful mound of insipid eel excreta.

jobtitle: Chief Accountability Consultant

buzzword: Responsive Transitional Parameters

insult: You grotesque lump of laughable eel froth.

buzzword: Functional Interpretive Controller

jobtitle: Principal Factors Supervisor

new-user: Bus^%$ Frro^^*.  The system administrators take a dim view of such actions.
You really screwed up.

buzzword: Responsive Third-generation Device

buzzword: Monitored Virtual Eprom

new-user: No such file.  Tape destroyed.  Data lost.

jobtitle: Product Usability Director

insult: You uneducated clump of crooked garbage.

new-user: Disk crash - CPU overheated

thought: We will flop on the cow; we will shiver on the dwarf; we will never explode.

new-user: Illegal instruction.  Segmentation Fault.  Core dumped.

buzzword: Relational Password Management

new-user: Command not found.  Interrupt Fault.  Core dumped.

thought: Don't explode, be ruminant!

buzzword: Enhanced Digital Parameters

thought: Debbie is so deviant that Sally wants to giggle.

insult: You drivelling excuse for offensive carp snot.

buzzword: Functional Third-generation Parameters

buzzword: Dynamic Default Hardware

thought: Don't scream, be idyllic!

new-user: Permission denied.  Disk crash.  Operating system halted.

buzzword: Addressable Digital Capability

insult: You offensive clump of bad hippopotamus innards.

insult: You bad bunch of revolting worm baby spillage.

st: Slavery tends to kill.

insult: You uncultured pot of uncultured tiger spittle.

thought: Albert expires, Mandy whooshes, and they're both gallant.

new-user: Bus^%$ Frro^^*.  You don't have privileges to do that.  Your account is no
longer active.

new-user: No such file.  Memory Burnout.  Unable to continue.

thought: Sandra is as persuasive as an egg.

buzzword: Parallel Debugged Subroutine

thought: A lozenge heals me, but I enjoy an ecclesiastical tongue with a side order of

new-user: Disk crash.  Don't use this computer until you've read the entire manual set.
Your account is no longer active.

buzzword: Responsive Digital Options

insult: You're too pompous to even qualify as a crude box of murple loaves.

st: Despair tends to generate.

buzzword: Ergonomic Floppy Self-test

jobtitle: Chief Intranet Executive

new-user: Sorry.  Bus^%$ Frro^^*.  Unable to continue.

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