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insult: You're too psychotic to even qualify as a slimy crock of cow pies.

st: Evil is self-made, independent!

insult: You offensive excuse for drivelling rabbit guts.

buzzword: Integrated Pixel Device

st: There are women on the self-made bridge!

jobtitle: Central Paradigm Manager

thought: Oh, my, another jack o'lantern.  They like to swim everywhere.  It's most

st: Red alert, Mr. Worf.  And beam down the stars.

insult: You indecent mountain of repulsive dog bowels.

thought: A party berates me, but I enjoy a repugnant suit with a side order of vipers.

st: Set your cabins on stun!  I don't want any imprisonment.

insult: You're too dreadful to even qualify as a dim-witted pot of toe jam.

buzzword: Responsive Buffered Network

jobtitle: Chief Creative Liason

thought: Nothing can match the treasonous, omnipresent card of a tolerant ring.

jobtitle: Chief Communications Planner

buzzword: Functional Random Refresh

st: Insoluble.  It's not exaltation as we know it, Jim.

buzzword: Integrated Incremental Controller

jobtitle: Legacy Group Engineer

new-user: Interrupt Fault.  You shouldn't have done that.  Your account is no longer

insult: You bizarre clump of stinking gorilla froth.

st: Machismo, sir, should be alien to all.

st: There are crises on the unacceptable Romulan!

new-user: Network down.  Segmentation Fault.  Unable to continue.

insult: You're too crooked to even qualify as a laughable pot of toe jam.

buzzword: Alphanumeric Transitional Subroutine

st: It's hard to believe that something which is neither sentient nor fascinating
can be so illogical.  And that's what kept the shields in the galaxies all
these centuries.

st: Slavery tends to exaggerate.

new-user: Files erased - core dumped

thought: I'm not interested in her ethical scenario.  Give me a migrant tampon that
collapses rhythmically any day.

new-user: Interrupt Fault - data lost

insult: You unimpressive bunch of slimy lion fleas.

st: Stars don't talk power unless they are ready to back it up with love.

buzzword: Enhanced Password Controller

thought: To collapse is planetary; to fly, whimsical.

new-user: Relocation table corrupt.  Memory Burnout.  Operating system halted.

thought: I was walking down the leg, minding my own cave, when I saw a contraption fly
pendulously.  I was luminescent, of course!

insult: You're too sickening to even qualify as a monotonous truck-load of nose

thought: How many floppy disk drives does it take to caress a glove?  Two - one to chop
the elephant, and one to skate.

new-user: Files erased - CPU overheated

new-user: Illegal instruction.  Tape destroyed.  Core lost.

st: Set your brigs on stun!  I don't want any violence.

thought: Two abalones are better than one.  But many legs spoil the sleeve.  And a
rolling rodent gathers no button.

insult: You cranky crock of uncultured random baby spillage.

st: Set your force fields on stun!  I don't want any freedom.

jobtitle: Principal Quality Administrator

buzzword: Dynamic Random Compiler

thought: Two organs are better than one.  But many condiments spoil the brunch.  And a
rolling insect gathers no artery.

thought: I'm not interested in your seditious metronome.  Give me a chronic bag that
breathes tragically any day.

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