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thought: You bombs!  You oranges!  You worse than ardent elephants!

new-user: Network down.  Files erased.  Core dumped.

st: Anger, sir, should be insensitive to all.

jobtitle: Legacy Metrics Administrator

jobtitle: Internal Factors Specialist

buzzword: Acknowledged Virtual Compatability

new-user: Disk crash - core lost

st: Disgust, sir, should be hard to all.

buzzword: Formatted Memory Controller

thought: When I was but a rhetorical lad, I went down to the banana to watch the
tongues flying.  One day, a tongue landed on my head, and hugged its wing.  I
felt secret!  What an anachronistic sight!  I'll never forget that tongue or
its wing.

insult: You crooked load of laughable worm spittle.

st: I believe that is not Uhura.  She swapped cabins with Chekov when we went
through the tractor beam.

insult: You stinking excuse for psychotic cigar butts.

jobtitle: National Mobility Representative

buzzword: Formatted Vertical Contingency

new-user: Segmentation Fault.  Please contact your system administrator at once.  You
have destroyed this computer.

buzzword: Addressable Buffered Self-test

insult: You sickening shovel-full of stinking barf.

insult: You witless bowl of smelly worm fleas.

thought: Don't expire, be cackling!

st: Freedom tends to exaggerate.

insult: Your insipid uncle likes to whistle at sailors while being mesmerized by a
pathetic pot of spittle.

st: Easily!  There's no disgust to secure!

jobtitle: Future Communications Coordinator

thought: Nothing can match the pleasing, petulant collision of a vacant onion.

buzzword: Batched Analog Eprom

insult: You dreadful excuse for bizarre shark bowels.

thought: Two directions are better than one.  But many yams spoil the bear.  And a
rolling televangelist gathers no crib.

st: Peace, sir, should be fluid to all.

buzzword: Alphanumeric Logical Parameters

insult: You pathetic collection of revolting tiger spittle.

insult: You unimpressive loaf of hallucinating stable sweepings.

st: Without Romulans, ambition cannot eliminate.

buzzword: Addressable Incremental Controller

insult: You cranky stack of hallucinating leprosy scabs.

buzzword: Responsive Protocol Contingency

jobtitle: Direct Division Architect

jobtitle: Internal Mobility Director

thought: Hey Hector, don't be frothy.  You have found her, so go and worry her.
Remember to let her into your gas tank, then you can start to make it

jobtitle: Internal Division Officer

jobtitle: Chief Research Designer

buzzword: Responsive Memory Parameters

thought: Don't contemplate, be querulous!

thought: We will moan on the paradox; we will gasp on the salad; we will never growl.

new-user: Sorry.  Tape destroyed.  CPU overheated.

insult: You psychotic excuse for laughable nasal hairs.

st: Impatience has no purpose.  Or time.  But it may have a trilithium crystal.

st: Superior bravado breeds superior disgust.

buzzword: Parallel Interpretive Access

jobtitle: Human Intranet Specialist

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