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st: These are the races of the crisis "Enterprise."  Her 5-year mission - to
directly go where no cabin has gone before.

buzzword: Parallel Incremental Device

buzzword: Monitored Third-generation Compatability

jobtitle: Chief Creative Coordinator

st: These are the minds of the woman "Enterprise."  Her 5-year mission - to
mysteriously go where no crisis has gone before.

insult: Your offensive lackey likes to seduce fruit-flies while being entranced by a
stinking bucket of spittle.

insult: You drivelling excuse for crooked nose pickings.

st: Purpose is the essential process of all time.

insult: Your grotesque lackey likes to eat rancid pineapple while staring at a slimy
wheelbarrow-full of spittle.

buzzword: Addressable Run-time Options

jobtitle: Internal Usability Director

st: I believe that is not Yar.  She swapped scientists with Data when we went
through the cage.

st: Love tends to generate.

insult: You sick pile of stinking worm spite.

jobtitle: Investor Research Facilitator

thought: Hey Jack, don't be sanctimonious.  You have found her, so go and create her.
Remember to let her into your compass, then you can start to make it pompous.

jobtitle: Principal Operations Orchestrator

thought: Steve is a slanty-wise unicorn?  Then Alfred mystifies a steaming rooster.

jobtitle: Human Marketing Supervisor

jobtitle: Chief Division Producer

buzzword: Dynamic Floppy Controller

st: Forcibly!  There's no ability to stun!

thought: Why is Joe so tenacious?  Because Alfred feels our glamorous burger.

jobtitle: Regional Functionality Administrator

insult: You're too irrational to even qualify as a smelly sack of cow pies.

jobtitle: International Communications Agent

new-user: Bus^%$ Frro^^* - unable to continue

jobtitle: Forward Markets Director

st: Ambition is interesting, ineffective!

new-user: Permission denied.  Bus^%$ Frro^^*.  Unable to continue.

thought: We hold this condiment to be self-evident - that all crosswords are created

thought: You twaddles!  You vestibules!  You worse than insistent griddles!

jobtitle: Direct Directives Assistant

st: Self-made.  It's not exaltation as we know it, Jim.

jobtitle: Forward Communications Manager

st: Even cages fail to learn from impatience; they repeat the same women.

new-user: Tape destroyed.  The system administrators take a dim view of such actions.
You have destroyed this computer.

new-user: Disk crash.  Your actions are contrary to our computing policy.  All files
have been erased.

insult: You illiterate load of slimy lobster spittle.

thought: Warren is as grievous as a sewer.

thought: When I was but an absent-minded lad, I went down to the chair to watch the
watches kissing.  One day, a watch landed on my throat, and enjoyed its ear.
I felt harried!  What an inclement sight!  I'll never forget that watch or its

buzzword: Enhanced Floppy Language

st: Anger tends to repeat.

insult: You psychotic bowl of pathetic beetle parasites.

buzzword: Addressable Random Parameters

thought: Nothing can match the public, ascetic capture of a bouffant eyeball.

insult: Your uncultured Mama likes to whistle at sailors while lecturing a pathetic
bunch of parts.

thought: "I hate shoes," said Lady Anne, as she watched Lord Frank decadently enjoy his

thought: Debbie is so delinquent that Sylvie wants to collapse.

new-user: Error: a.out exec incorrect format.  Interrupt Fault.  CPU overheated.

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