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st: Disgust has no purpose.  Or despair.  But it may have a saint.

thought: Oh, my, another bag-lunch.  They like to mutate everywhere.  It's most

jobtitle: Dynamic Operations Representative

thought: We will explode on the tiger; we will whimper on the ointment; we will never

st: Machismo is free, like a Romulan with stars, photon torpedoes and prejudice.

st: Superior killing breeds superior suffering.

insult: You indecent lump of grotesque puke lumps.

insult: You uncultured excuse for uncultured ear wax.

st: Directly!  There's no exaltation to secure!

insult: You drivelling excuse for irrational zit cheese.

jobtitle: Central Usability Coordinator

jobtitle: International Assurance Strategist

jobtitle: Dynamic Mobility Analyst

insult: You monotonous mountain of witless eel barf.

new-user: Unable to reach network.  Files erased.  Unable to continue.

jobtitle: Regional Interactions Associate

buzzword: Alphanumeric Protocol Capability

thought: To hug a lunchbox, you must have wig permission in the lunchbox's beagle.

thought: Your pharmaceutical battalion exaggerates intransigently.

insult: Your grotesque uncle likes to pole-dance while staring at an irrational barrel
of froth.

insult: You drivelling excuse for stinking drain clogs.

st: Without phasers, emotion cannot repeat.

buzzword: Mnemonic Analog Hardware

jobtitle: Forward Metrics Executive

st: Even savages fail to learn from anger; they repeat the same Romulans.

insult: You crude crock of stinking rabbit froth.

insult: Your slimy Dad likes to eat rancid pineapple while watching a bad box of

buzzword: Integrated Intelligent Matrix

insult: You pompous mountain of uncultured wombat spite.

thought: Sandy has a large collection of watery apparitions, which she uses to create
her chocolate.

thought: How many lozenges must a gear shift lever growl down?  The answer, my buttons,
is blowing in the gas tank.

jobtitle: Legacy Division Executive

insult: You smelly heap of revolting cow pies.

insult: You crooked excuse for bad worm parasites.

jobtitle: Human Branding Executive

buzzword: Integrated Analog Matrix

new-user: Unknown host.  Disk crash.  Unable to continue.

new-user: Interrupt Fault - core lost

new-user: Files erased.  We are monitoring your files for signs of sabotage.  You have
destroyed this computer.

thought: Jenny is as vigorous as a pedal.

jobtitle: Product Creative Assistant

new-user: Name too long.  Memory Burnout.  CPU overheated.

buzzword: Integrated Password Language

thought: When I was but a homogeneous lad, I went down to the liver to watch the
puppies moaning.  One day, a puppy landed on my head, and ate its thigh.  I
felt hot!  What an extravagant sight!  I'll never forget that puppy or its

st: Emotion is fluid, like a shield with crises, women and ambition.

st: Exaltation tends to kill.

st: Set your computers on stun!  I don't want any hatred.

buzzword: Functional Digital Matrix

jobtitle: Direct Configuration Supervisor

jobtitle: Product Identity Officer

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