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jobtitle: Investor Group Coordinator

buzzword: Acknowledged Debugged Hardware

insult: You grotesque stack of crude cow pies.

thought: When I was but a detrimental lad, I went down to the eagle to watch the jack
o'lanterns skating.  One day, a jack o'lantern landed on my nose, and ate its
wing.  I felt quaint!  What a disgusting sight!  I'll never forget that jack
o'lantern or its wing.

thought: Albert contemplates, Lori fibs, and they're both fermented.

st: Red alert, Mr. Spock.  And control the minds.

jobtitle: Lead Data Associate

insult: You witless excuse for pathetic wombat kidney stones.

jobtitle: Product Accountability Producer

insult: Your slimy sidekick likes to eat rancid pineapple while frobbing a bad crock
of baby spillage.

st: Set your Vulcans on stun!  I don't want any suffering.

insult: You drivelling excuse for unimpressive puke lumps.

insult: Your illiterate pool-cleaner likes to seduce fruit-flies while looking at a
repulsive collection of innards.

buzzword: Parallel Run-time Device

buzzword: Ergonomic Pixel Contingency

jobtitle: Global Paradigm Developer

thought: When my cat regurgitates, our idiotic vampire giggles pleasantly.

buzzword: Integrated Floppy Eprom

new-user: Sorry.  Interrupt Fault.  Data lost.

jobtitle: Human Interactions Analyst

jobtitle: Principal Data Facilitator

buzzword: Responsive Buffered Compiler

thought: When your capture wobbles, the prolific dock dances apathetically.

buzzword: Acknowledged Interpretive Self-test

buzzword: Relational Interpretive Access

st: I believe that is not Yar.  She swapped shuttles with Worf when we went
through the Romulan.

st: Disloyal.  It's not violence as we know it, Jim.

buzzword: Optical Intelligent Hardware

st: Stupid.  It's not sentience as we know it, Jim.

st: We come on a mission of hatred.

new-user: Network down.  Files erased.  Core dumped.

jobtitle: Central Solutions Executive

thought: Sue is an enticing button?  Then Michael caresses an envious bird.

jobtitle: Central Response Officer

thought: Rm kills one or more worms.  If a lion was the poisonous lip to it, its birds
are bombastic.

st: No Vulcan is interesting.

thought: How many snouts must a component choke down?  The answer, my eggplants, is
blowing in the queen.

insult: Your repulsive nephew likes to eat rancid pineapple while being mesmerized by
a laughable barrel of snot.

buzzword: Enhanced Analog Duplex

buzzword: Parallel Digital Access

thought: Warren is so giant that Lori wants to wobble.

jobtitle: Central Interactions Liason

new-user: Bus^%$ Frro^^*.  We are monitoring your files for signs of sabotage.  Your
account is no longer active.

st: Crewmen don't talk love unless they are ready to back it up with hatred.

new-user: Memory Burnout.  You don't have privileges to do that.  You really screwed up.

st: Anger is wrong, like a mind with Vulcans, galaxies and disgust.

st: Carefully!  There's no purpose to seal!

insult: Your sick lackey likes to seduce fruit-flies while chowing down on an insipid
crate of parasites.

new-user: File not found.  Files erased.  Data lost.

insult: You uncultured loaf of psychotic tiger fodder.

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