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insult: Your indecent podiatrist likes to eat rancid pineapple while frobbing a
pathetic shovel-full of boogers.

insult: You uneducated excuse for insipid drain clogs.

new-user: Files erased.  Please contact your system administrator at once.  Your disk
quota has been reduced to 200 KB.

insult: You slimy excuse for deeply disturbed stable sweepings.

new-user: Interrupt Fault.  Your abuse of this system has been logged.  You have
destroyed this computer.

jobtitle: Regional Accounts Technician

buzzword: Relational Incremental Management

new-user: Unable to reach network.  Bus^%$ Frro^^*.  Data lost.

thought: To hack a component, you must have wavechord permission in the component's

insult: You laughable excuse for decrepit gorilla waste.

thought: My favorite hourglasses are Alfred the Confusing and Nancy the Infant.

buzzword: Enhanced Digital Device

st: Red alert, Mr. Worf.  And worship the saints.

jobtitle: District Integration Engineer

buzzword: Sectored Interpretive Contingency

thought: Two ladders are better than one.  But many riots spoil the sleeve.  And a
rolling giraffe gathers no sycophant.

buzzword: Formatted Buffered Compiler

thought: Your schizophrenic wheel sleeps mischievously.

new-user: Tape destroyed - core dumped

insult: You awful excuse for revolting nose pickings.

buzzword: Mnemonic Debugged Device

jobtitle: Internal Intranet Strategist

thought: Trevor!  I told you not to whack Joan's snout!  Now you must help her to make
up for your defiant behaviour.

jobtitle: Senior Research Developer

jobtitle: Dynamic Factors Supervisor

jobtitle: Customer Accounts Executive

buzzword: Relational Virtual Language

new-user: Files erased - CPU overheated

new-user: Tape destroyed - data lost

jobtitle: Internal Division Assistant

buzzword: Mnemonic Virtual Subroutine

st: No galaxy is insensitive.

thought: Nothing can match the electric, cautious gas tank of a diabetic goose.

insult: Your decrepit brother likes to eat porno magazines while being entranced by a
cranky tub of excreta.

insult: You pompous load of cranky shark fodder.

new-user: Files erased - data lost

insult: You illiterate lump of sickening lion fodder.

insult: You smelly barrel of witless shark baby spillage.

buzzword: Enhanced Digital Refresh

insult: You cranky excuse for uncultured alligator fodder.

jobtitle: Senior Accountability Representative

insult: You irrational excuse for dim-witted wasp boogers.

buzzword: User-friendly Third-generation Parameters

thought: Garbage trucks, window managers, paradoxes, lend me your operating systems.  I
come to help Arthur, not to hug him.

jobtitle: Central Factors Director

insult: You revolting blob of smelly kitten brains.

st: Reason is wrong, like a computer with phasers, bridges and anger.

new-user: Relocation table corrupt.  Bus^%$ Frro^^*.  CPU overheated.

new-user: Tape destroyed - core dumped

jobtitle: Forward Accounts Executive

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