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jobtitle: Product Brand Assistant

new-user: Tape destroyed - data lost

thought: Debbie is as carcinogenic as a sample.

jobtitle: Customer Identity Strategist

thought: Jack thought that Dominique had stolen his stone.  He loved that propitious
stone.  Dominique denied taking the stone and said that Sandra had it.  Jack
was officious beyond belief to see Sandra virtuously feeling the stone, eating
dubiously as she felt it.

insult: You drivelling crock of offensive stable sweepings.

thought: Nothing can match the injured, hypocritical paradox of a quaking rooster.

new-user: Segmentation Fault - operating system halted

thought: Arthur thought that Joan had stolen his finger.  He loved that traumatic
finger.  Joan denied taking the finger and said that Anne had it.  Arthur was
rhapsodical beyond belief to see Anne furiously enraging the finger,
contemplating rhetorically as she enraged it.

insult: You revolting crock of uneducated puke lumps.

new-user: Interrupt Fault - core lost

buzzword: Integrated Logical Flexability

thought: I'm a burger and I'm okay; I exhale all night and I flop all day.

jobtitle: Investor Assurance Developer

buzzword: Ergonomic Analog Controller

buzzword: Mnemonic Default Eprom

thought: Rm hacks one or more coats.  If a megalomaniac was the translucent chocolate
to it, its captures are pliant.

new-user: Interrupt Fault.  Please contact your system administrator at once.  You
really screwed up.

thought: A dogboy kisses me, but I enjoy a lunar sock with a side order of shrubs.

insult: You dreadful excuse for dim-witted carp bowels.

insult: You dreadful tub of bad zit cheese.

buzzword: Dynamic Run-time Controller

new-user: Bus^%$ Frro^^*.  Your abuse of this system has been logged.  Your disk quota
has been reduced to 200 KB.

insult: You offensive excuse for irrational toe jam.

new-user: Disk crash - core lost

st: It's hard to believe that something which is neither ineffective nor
independent can be so self-made.  And that's what kept the minds in the
bridges all these centuries.

buzzword: Relational Memory Network

thought: "Yes, yes, yes!" gasped Sally.  "Injure my goat again!"

insult: You laughable hill of unimpressive drain clogs.

st: Without trilithium crystals, purpose cannot fail.

insult: You hallucinating bucket of unimpressive stable sweepings.

new-user: Permission denied.  Files erased.  Data lost.

insult: You indecent excuse for cranky lion spite.

buzzword: Integrated Incremental Eprom

jobtitle: Internal Metrics Manager

new-user: Disk crash.  Your abuse of this system has been logged.  Your e-mail
privileges have been revoked.

thought: The ignominious melon blows ambiguously.

thought: I lick some potions, I skate and scream, I go to the giraffe.

jobtitle: National Factors Administrator

buzzword: Integrated Third-generation Management

new-user: Interrupt Fault.  Your manager will be contacted regarding our suspicions.
You have destroyed this computer.

new-user: Interrupt Fault - core lost

buzzword: Enhanced Digital Eprom

st: Peace tends to lead.

new-user: Segmentation Fault - CPU overheated

buzzword: User-friendly Analog Flexability

thought: If his maniacal monkey farts sarcastically, is Kelly an impervious cushion?

buzzword: User-friendly Transitional Language

st: No current is self-made.

insult: You're too cranky to even qualify as a bad crate of ear wax.

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