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st: Superior machismo breeds superior hatred.

thought: I'm not interested in your jubilant vestibule.  Give me a vicious liver that
moans prudently any day.

jobtitle: Dynamic Paradigm Associate

st: Creativity, sir, should be stupid to all.

thought: Hey Frank, don't be acoustic.  You have found her, so go and maim her.
Remember to let her into your hourglass, then you can start to make it

jobtitle: Human Solutions Designer

insult: You bizarre mound of bad cow pies.

jobtitle: Internal Integration Orchestrator

insult: You slimy excuse for smelly ear wax.

buzzword: Ergonomic Random Flexability

buzzword: Batched Debugged Flexability

thought: If his public hair meditates zealously, is Nancy a bulbous chain?

insult: You drivelling excuse for monotonous worm innards.

insult: You're too indecent to even qualify as a dim-witted bunch of nose pickings.

thought: His harmonic welt skates dispiritedly.

st: No life form is unacceptable.

jobtitle: Future Quality Director

thought: It is forbidden to stab the tongue "Keith" to avoid the maternal consequences.

new-user: Network down.  Segmentation Fault.  Core lost.

thought: A bag-lunch creates me, but I enjoy a migrant ant with a side order of wines.

new-user: Segmentation Fault - core dumped

insult: You insipid excuse for sick zit cheese.

insult: You're too drivelling to even qualify as an uneducated wheelbarrow-full of toe

insult: Your indecent niece likes to whistle at sailors while staring at a drivelling
truck-load of waste.

insult: You crude excuse for monotonous elephant brains.

jobtitle: Regional Solutions Facilitator

insult: You hallucinating excuse for deeply disturbed leopard fodder.

thought: Jim is as stimulating as a wart.

jobtitle: Legacy Intranet Representative

jobtitle: Global Markets Director

buzzword: Enhanced Logical Capability

thought: A workstation improves me, but I enjoy an ominous megalomaniac with a side
order of robbers.

thought: Jack is so rhapsodical that Jenny wants to weep.

new-user: Tape destroyed - core dumped

buzzword: Relational Pixel Contingency

buzzword: Ergonomic Third-generation Parameters

new-user: Permission denied.  Files erased.  Core lost.

buzzword: Optical Pixel Language

jobtitle: Central Branding Specialist

st: Men don't talk imprisonment unless they are ready to back it up with

st: Freedom is free, logical!

insult: You indecent blob of monotonous clam parasites.

jobtitle: Chief Mobility Director

new-user: Segmentation Fault.  You don't have privileges to do that.  All files have
been erased.

jobtitle: Senior Web Consultant

buzzword: Integrated Third-generation Options

jobtitle: Dynamic Security Planner

jobtitle: Customer Accounts Orchestrator

new-user: Disk crash - operating system halted

new-user: Segmentation Fault - unable to continue

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