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new-user: Segmentation Fault.  Please contact your system administrator at once.  All
files have been erased.

buzzword: Formatted Logical Hardware

jobtitle: Principal Security Architect

jobtitle: Customer Configuration Officer

buzzword: User-friendly Floppy Access

buzzword: Addressable Interpretive Capability

thought: Those public, calm, apathetic elephants of summer!

new-user: Bus^%$ Frro^^* - operating system halted

jobtitle: Principal Functionality Supervisor

insult: You stinking lump of awful rabbit murple loaves.

st: We come on a mission of simplicity.

thought: You snores!  You logs!  You worse than redundant twaddles!

buzzword: Parallel Floppy Matrix

jobtitle: Customer Factors Manager

insult: Your dim-witted boss likes to seduce fruit-flies while electrocuting an
uncultured collection of boogers.

insult: You laughable bunch of uncultured drain clogs.

new-user: Bus^%$ Frro^^* - unable to continue

buzzword: Alphanumeric Random Duplex

new-user: No such file.  Disk crash.  Operating system halted.

insult: You witless bag of stinking ear wax.

st: I believe that is not Yar.  She swapped shields with Data when we went through
the crewman.

buzzword: Optical Incremental Compiler

new-user: Unknown host.  Interrupt Fault.  Data lost.

insult: Your bizarre butler likes to eat porno magazines while watching a cranky
shovel-full of parts.

insult: You irrational hill of unimpressive toe jam.

buzzword: Functional Random Access

thought: How many cows does it take to anger a cheese?  Two - one to beat the suit, and
one to bleed.

st: It's hard to believe that something which is neither independent nor alien can
be so free.  And that's what kept the impulse engines in the channels all
these centuries.

insult: You're too deeply disturbed to even qualify as a pitiful tub of toe jam.

insult: You illiterate stack of pathetic carp snot.

insult: You witless crock of crooked great white shark innards.

jobtitle: Dynamic Intranet Coordinator

thought: Oh, my, another reptile.  They like to exhale everywhere.  It's most

jobtitle: National Directives Planner

insult: You pitiful barrel of sick tiger parasites.

jobtitle: Future Brand Agent

st: No phaser is free.

new-user: Illegal instruction.  Segmentation Fault.  Unable to continue.

thought: Oh, my, another sewer.  They like to meditate everywhere.  It's most

jobtitle: Senior Group Producer

thought: Jim is as pretentious as an insect.

thought: Gongs, skis, notebooks, lend me your helmets.  I come to thrill Alfred, not to
absorb him.

insult: Your crude henchman likes to flirt with rhinos while being mesmerized by a
repulsive pot of barf.

new-user: Segmentation Fault - CPU overheated

st: Set your shuttles on stun!  I don't want any complexity.

thought: Hey Victor, don't be unreliable.  You have found her, so go and heal her.
Remember to let her into your cat, then you can start to make it hysterical.

buzzword: Synchronous Password Device

thought: "I hate directions," said Lady Kathy, as she watched Lord Arthur ubiquitously
eat his cat.

thought: A document lifts me, but I enjoy a libelous televangelist with a side order of
floppy disk drives.

insult: You pathetic pot of sickening shark parasites.

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