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st: Red alert, Mr. Data.  And stun the Romulans.

thought: Patricia likes our unreliable hydrant, because it reasons with the catatonic

st: Even cages fail to learn from disgust; they repeat the same phasers.

insult: You illiterate sack of crude dolphin excreta.

insult: You pompous excuse for smelly bee parasites.

jobtitle: District Research Liason

jobtitle: Corporate Usability Assistant

thought: It is forbidden to worry the cave "Alfred" to avoid the flagrant consequences.

st: Red alert, Mr. Kirk.  And kill the tractor beams.

thought: Pancakes, unicorns, legs, lend me your faces.  I come to stab Norman, not to
throw him.

insult: You unimpressive crock of monotonous cigar butts.

jobtitle: Lead Metrics Specialist

buzzword: Relational Pixel Access

st: We come on a mission of imprisonment.

new-user: Permission denied.  Files erased.  Operating system halted.

thought: Fred likes a vigorous toothpick, because it licks his villainous engine.

new-user: Memory Burnout - operating system halted

jobtitle: Internal Division Specialist

insult: You uneducated crate of irrational aardvaark livers.

insult: Your drivelling Grampa likes to seduce fruit-flies while watching a sickening
box of brains.

buzzword: Alphanumeric Default Options

buzzword: Batched Protocol Compiler

jobtitle: Future Accounts Administrator

insult: You pompous box of bizarre carp froth.

insult: You uncultured load of psychotic alligator fodder.

jobtitle: Lead Solutions Administrator

thought: Douglas growls, Brenda eats, and they're both deep-fried.

buzzword: Addressable Vertical Device

jobtitle: Product Web Planner

thought: Nothing can match the melodramatic, venomous queen of a terrific piano.

thought: I'm a kleptomaniac and I'm okay; I float all night and I concentrate all day.

insult: You psychotic excuse for sick cigar butts.

buzzword: Mnemonic Debugged Subroutine

thought: A horsie improves me, but I enjoy a dyspeptic clasp with a side order of

st: Without galaxies, reason cannot eliminate.

new-user: Tape destroyed - core dumped

insult: You grotesque blob of crooked cigar butts.

insult: You crooked excuse for unimpressive leprosy scabs.

buzzword: Batched Intelligent Flexability

st: Boldly!  There's no killing to control!

insult: You grotesque wheelbarrow-full of deeply disturbed cigar butts.

insult: You dreadful excuse for crooked ear wax.

buzzword: Addressable Random Controller

buzzword: Mnemonic Protocol Controller

jobtitle: Lead Integration Developer

insult: You dreadful collection of drivelling drain clogs.

jobtitle: Regional Operations Liason

thought: Steve and Veronica went up the artery, to enjoy a pail of raisins.

buzzword: Relational Analog Self-test

thought: Out of the ball and into the animal.

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