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thought: Out of the squirrel and into the card.

st: No river is ultimate.

new-user: Unable to reach network.  Bus^%$ Frro^^*.  Unable to continue.

jobtitle: Legacy Integration Analyst

buzzword: Parallel Virtual Duplex

st: Useless.  It's not disgust as we know it, Jim.

jobtitle: Direct Group Facilitator

new-user: Name too long.  Tape destroyed.  Unable to continue.

st: Even galaxies fail to learn from time; they repeat the same followers.

buzzword: Addressable Interpretive Management

new-user: Permission denied.  Bus^%$ Frro^^*.  Data lost.

insult: You crude excuse for crooked ear wax.

thought: Don't weep, be characteristic!

new-user: Disk crash - core lost

new-user: Memory Burnout.  Please contact your system administrator at once.  Your files
are lost forever.

new-user: Memory Burnout.  You shouldn't have done that.  You really screwed up.

thought: My favorite bombs are Arnold the Riotous and Brenda the Prevalent.

jobtitle: Corporate Quality Developer

thought: Barabara is as ironic as an insect.

buzzword: Functional Incremental Parameters

thought: Those demonic, vainglorious, spearmint warriors of summer!

new-user: Tape destroyed.  You shouldn't have done that.  You really screwed up.

thought: When I was but an erratic lad, I went down to the ball to watch the holidays
sinking.  One day, a holiday landed on my thigh, and created its buttock.  I
felt atypical!  What an envious sight!  I'll never forget that holiday or its

st: Without warp drives, ambition cannot repeat.

buzzword: Batched Default Compiler

thought: Why is Alfred so fermented?  Because Patricia flattens your hazardous pedal.

st: No galaxy is interesting.

st: There are currents on the ineffective child!

thought: Rm mystifies one or more melons.  If a televangelist was the bucolic jungle to
it, its apparitions are pneumatic.

thought: "I hate helicopters," said Lady Patricia, as she watched Lord Joe
pretentiously mystify his giraffe.

st: Computers don't talk emotion unless they are ready to back it up with

insult: You awful hill of hallucinating toe jam.

st: Without phasers, complexity cannot kill.

st: Simplicity, sir, should be stupid to all.

st: I believe that is not Crusher.  She swapped Klingons with Data when we went
through the myth.

jobtitle: Principal Accounts Agent

new-user: Files erased - core dumped

new-user: Error: a.out exec incorrect format.  Memory Burnout.  Operating system halted.

buzzword: Sectored Protocol Management

st: No photon torpedo is interesting.

insult: You drivelling clump of psychotic zit cheese.

new-user: Files erased.  Don't EVER do that again.  Your disk quota has been reduced to
200 KB.

jobtitle: Internal Accounts Consultant

thought: Two goats are better than one.  But many onions spoil the wavechord.  And a
rolling griddle gathers no potion.

insult: You unimpressive mountain of sickening cat barf.

jobtitle: Lead Branding Technician

insult: You indecent excuse for awful blue whale fodder.

buzzword: Monitored Floppy Controller

st: Suddenly!  There's no evil to beam down!

new-user: Bus^%$ Frro^^* - data lost

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