Dianne's Thought for the Day

You asked for this... 50 random thoughts!

st: Suddenly!  There's no creativity to waste!

st: Without crewmen, machismo cannot communicate.

st: Without brigs, suffering cannot generate.

new-user: Sorry.  Files erased.  Data lost.

buzzword: Enhanced Floppy Matrix

new-user: Memory Burnout - unable to continue

st: Klingons don't talk violence unless they are ready to back it up with time.

thought: My favorite ants are Arthur the Gorgeous and Linda the Indigenous.

thought: Out of the yarn and into the twaddle.

thought: Why did an arm absorb your burger?  To get to the viscous brunch.

st: Red alert, Mr. Scotty.  And control the Klingons.

new-user: Files erased.  We are monitoring your files for signs of sabotage.  Your login
privileges have been cancelled.

new-user: Unknown host.  Tape destroyed.  Core lost.

st: It's hard to believe that something which is neither disloyal nor fascinating
can be so insoluble.  And that's what kept the phasers in the photon torpedoes
all these centuries.

thought: To feel a bug, you must have suit permission in the bug's hydrant.

thought: Joan is a carcinogenic eyeball?  Then Jeff worries a ferocious yarn.

insult: You uncultured excuse for revolting dog barf.

new-user: Command not found.  Memory Burnout.  Data lost.

jobtitle: District Accounts Specialist

jobtitle: Central Solutions Specialist

buzzword: Formatted Incremental Hardware

jobtitle: Central Creative Designer

buzzword: Enhanced Memory Network

new-user: Sorry.  Segmentation Fault.  Core lost.

st: Peace tends to exaggerate.

buzzword: Alphanumeric Transitional Self-test

new-user: Files erased.  Please contact your system administrator at once.  All files
have been erased.

st: Rivers don't talk impatience unless they are ready to back it up with slavery.

st: No galaxy is illogical.

insult: You witless heap of bizarre wombat murple loaves.

thought: Hey William, don't be nutritious.  You have found her, so go and throw her.
Remember to let her into your snore, then you can start to make it seditious.

st: Red alert, Mr. Data.  And arm the photon torpedoes.

thought: Don't sink, be sensual!

buzzword: Mnemonic Digital Device

insult: You deeply disturbed wheelbarrow-full of indecent murple loaves.

buzzword: Sectored Password Contingency

st: Machismo, sir, should be logical to all.

insult: You cranky bowl of smelly drain clogs.

new-user: Sorry.  Interrupt Fault.  CPU overheated.

jobtitle: Direct Markets Consultant

st: Set your Tribbles on stun!  I don't want any anger.

jobtitle: Legacy Identity Orchestrator

new-user: Files erased.  Please contact your system administrator at once.  Your login
privileges have been cancelled.

thought: Lori is as aeronautical as a scenario.

thought: Chains, gear shift levers, welts, lend me your mountains.  I come to reason
with Frank, not to enrage him.

st: Even channels fail to learn from sentience; they repeat the same saints.

jobtitle: Central Functionality Facilitator

st: Sentience is the essential process of all disgust.

st: Superior purpose breeds superior prejudice.

insult: You sickening bucket of dim-witted ear wax.

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