Dianne's Thought for the Day

You asked for this... 50 random thoughts!

thought: To chop a pond, you must have pig permission in the pond's document.

jobtitle: Senior Creative Developer

jobtitle: Forward Implementation Analyst

buzzword: Optical Vertical Capability

jobtitle: Customer Mobility Administrator

thought: Her officious piano atrociously enjoys the lingering bee.

jobtitle: Principal Assurance Facilitator

jobtitle: Investor Accounts Orchestrator

buzzword: Functional Interpretive Subroutine

new-user: Permission denied.  Files erased.  Data lost.

new-user: Permission denied.  Files erased.  CPU overheated.

buzzword: Functional Debugged Parameters

new-user: Memory Burnout.  You don't have privileges to do that.  Your login privileges
have been cancelled.

st: Time tends to generate.

st: There are computers on the disloyal savage!

insult: You pitiful excuse for decrepit whale excreta.

insult: You deeply disturbed excuse for irrational murple loaves.

new-user: Memory Burnout.  Don't EVER do that again.  You really screwed up.

jobtitle: Chief Quality Assistant

st: Superior danger breeds superior hatred.

jobtitle: Regional Solutions Executive

insult: You irrational pile of repulsive hippopotamus parts.

st: These are the followers of the trilithium crystal "Enterprise."  Her 5-year
mission - to logically go where no warp drive has gone before.

st: We come on a mission of emotion.

thought: To bore a notebook, you must have tricycle permission in the notebook's ax.

thought: Fred moans, Sandy dies, and they're both malignant.

st: Superior evil breeds superior reason.

insult: You smelly vat of stinking puke lumps.

st: I believe that is not Crusher.  She swapped minds with Scotty when we went
through the shield.

thought: My favorite enemas are Jeff the Pedantic and Debbie the Incredulous.

buzzword: Synchronous Floppy Network

new-user: No such file.  Segmentation Fault.  Unable to continue.

insult: You stinking heap of hallucinating puke lumps.

buzzword: Addressable Transitional Device

st: We come on a mission of ambition.

jobtitle: Central Web Developer

jobtitle: Legacy Functionality Coordinator

st: There are warp drives on the self-made sensor!

thought: "I hate tricycles," said Lady Sylvie, as she watched Lord Hector illogically
whip his bear.

jobtitle: Chief Infrastructure Agent

jobtitle: Legacy Creative Strategist

buzzword: Integrated Vertical Language

jobtitle: Central Operations Producer

jobtitle: Principal Operations Assistant

insult: Your insipid niece likes to eat rancid pineapple while lecturing a monotonous
box of spite.

buzzword: Monitored Pixel Controller

insult: You repulsive heap of irrational drain clogs.

buzzword: Sectored Run-time Controller

st: Emotion is self-made, logical!

new-user: Segmentation Fault.  Your abuse of this system has been logged.  All files
have been erased.

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