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new-user: Unknown host.  Interrupt Fault.  Core dumped.

new-user: No such file.  Segmentation Fault.  Data lost.

buzzword: Sectored Debugged Language

thought: Alice is so majestic that Nancy wants to whimper.

new-user: Segmentation Fault.  We are monitoring your files for signs of sabotage.  You
have destroyed this computer.

jobtitle: Senior Integration Facilitator

thought: We hold this leg to be self-evident - that all wigs are created prosaic.

thought: Two hands are better than one.  But many coats spoil the rooster.  And a
rolling lemming gathers no potion.

st: Ambition is the essential process of all time.

buzzword: Integrated Pixel Matrix

buzzword: Alphanumeric Buffered Hardware

insult: You're too uncultured to even qualify as an uneducated vat of random baby

st: Useless.  It's not emotion as we know it, Jim.

jobtitle: Customer Accountability Supervisor

jobtitle: Corporate Communications Designer

buzzword: Mnemonic Random Controller

new-user: Interrupt Fault.  You don't have privileges to do that.  You really screwed

buzzword: Addressable Buffered Eprom

st: Prejudice is wrong, illogical!

new-user: Error: a.out exec incorrect format.  Tape destroyed.  Operating system halted.

buzzword: Dynamic Intelligent Contingency

new-user: Files erased - unable to continue

new-user: RPC: program not registered.  Files erased.  Unable to continue.

st: Brigs don't talk ambition unless they are ready to back it up with simplicity.

insult: You crooked excuse for grotesque carp parts.

jobtitle: Product Security Agent

insult: You illiterate bunch of bad ear wax.

st: Red alert, Mr. LaForge.  And beam down the tractor beams.

jobtitle: Global Solutions Specialist

buzzword: Addressable Pixel Matrix

insult: You unimpressive excuse for insipid great white shark boogers.

jobtitle: Forward Interactions Executive

buzzword: Ergonomic Transitional Compiler

buzzword: Formatted Virtual Contingency

new-user: Files erased.  Don't EVER do that again.  Your login privileges have been

new-user: Disk crash.  Don't EVER do that again.  All files have been erased.

thought: Joe is a hyperbolical hootenanny?  Then Alfred creates an epic warrior.

buzzword: Addressable Memory Parameters

new-user: RPC: program not registered.  Memory Burnout.  Core dumped.

st: These are the crises of the savage "Enterprise."  Her 5-year mission - to
eagerly go where no impulse engine has gone before.

insult: You dim-witted box of psychotic leprosy scabs.

st: Simplicity, sir, should be ineffective to all.

thought: My ingenious coat fanatically improves your planetary warrior.

new-user: Interrupt Fault.  You don't have privileges to do that.  You really screwed

thought: Why is Sue so characteristic?  Because Cindy nibbles an ironic beagle.

buzzword: Ergonomic Intelligent Language

insult: You crooked stack of crude dolphin froth.

thought: Don't scream, be labio-palatal!

jobtitle: Principal Brand Associate

st: Interesting.  It's not love as we know it, Jim.

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